Mar 3, 2016

Samson: The Snow Submarine

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It Snowed Last Night!
That's all I need to say to have Samson leap from the bed and fly down the stairs. At first I didn't know how Samson would like the snow when we moved here to Lake Tahoe.
Apparently he LOVES IT!

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Our morning walk takes us in about a mile loop by our house. We can get to the mountain trail in about 3 minutes. From there, the leash is removed and he takes off forging a path for me to follow. We normally take the steep part of the trail first. It gets my heart beating and warms me up. Today we have about a foot of new untouched snow surrounding us.

Watch the Video Below!

At the top of our loop we begin to hear the rushing of the stream that follows our path back down the mountain. The dry rock-bed started to flow about 2 weeks ago, and made us alter our course. I cautiously jump from rock to rock to clear the stream. Samson, always chooses to stand in the deepest part of the water attempting to stop its flow.

We follow the rushing stream back down. Samson uses the water as an easier path, and seems impervious to the freezing temperatures. We get back to the house and dry off on the porch. Just another morning living in Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Life: Samson's Morning Walks

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