Mar 3, 2016

Hope Valley | Carson River Road Trip

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Want to go on a drive?
That's what Jim offered one day last week. So we jumped in the car and headed towards Highway 89. Within 15 min. we were on the back roads of Lake Tahoe mesmerized by the snow covered beauty.

We got to Hope Valley, Carson River in about 20 min. Pulled into the 'Closed' fishing parking lot and headed towards the sound of the river. Samson took off ahead of us as we continued to sink in the melting snow.

It was the Perfect Brain Break!
We stood on the walking bridge and watched the rushing river below. Chunks of freed ice floated by and the sun slowly set.

Trying to be adventurous, and capture the 'Winning' photo, I ventured out closer to the river. Within 3 seconds of my attempt I sunk waist deep into the snowbank and ripped the seam of my jeans! Laughing together, we walked back to the car. How can we be so lucky to live in a place like this.

Lake Tahoe Life: Hope Valley, Carson River

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